Our mission:  
To inform and enlighten our constituents about the most relevant issues and challenges concerning tourism in Macao, by investigating, advancing, and sharing our knowledge thereof.



ITRC is the policy research and industry development unit of the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT). The Centre serves as a management and public policy think-tank and a knowledge provider for tourism and hospitality related research. Funding for our activities comes solely from IFT and the Macao SAR Government.

We identify and initiate research projects critical to the Centre’s mission, conducttheoretical and applied research grounded on practical relevance, and communicate effective tourism planning, development and management practicesbased on soundtheories and principles.

Our activities include conducting policy and policy-review studies (commissioned or otherwise), monitoring and evaluation studies, polling and opinion surveys, support for academic research; communication via organizing seminars, workshops and conferences, publication, communication and dissemination of research findings, as well as research design and administration.

Our partners

We carry out our activities by working with an extensive global network of scholars and research institutions. We have worked, among others:

  • The School of Tourism, Bournemouth University, U.K.

  • The Chinese Academy of Social Science (Tourism Research Group)

  • The Tourism Research Institute, University of South Carolina

  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Travel and Tourism Industry Center, University of South Carolina

  • Purdue Tourism and Hospitality Research Centre, Purdue University

  • Hotelschool the Hague, Netherlands

  • NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences

  • UNESCO, Office of the Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia-Pacific

  • University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

Our team

Don D.jpg

Leonardo (Don) A.N. Dioko, Phd.

Don is Director of ITRC and is Professor at IFT’s Tourism College. As Director, he initiates, leads and oversees the Centre’s principal research activities, especially those that influence and shape policy, particularly policy research commissioned by the Macao Government. He has been lead investigator on research regarding Macao’s destination carrying capacity and tourism sustainability as well as the Macao Tourism Satisfaction Index (MTSI).

Patrick Lo.jpg

Patrick Lo

Patrick lectures at IFT in the area of quantitative methods and statistics. He leads and manages all major data collection design and field implementation efforts that are critical to all the Centre’s studies, ensuring the quality and accuracy of data collected. His previous experience working for major polling and research units in Hong Kong has proved valuable for the Centre and to the outcome of its important studies.

Wendy Tang.png

Wendy Tang

Wendy received her master and bachelor degrees in social sciences, with focus on economics. The valuable assistance she provides in all the Centre’s research projects has been very instrumental to the effectiveness of ITRC and its mission. Her contribution to the design, data collection and efficient administration of all our research projects - including the preparation of our reports to the highest quality - has been and continues to be immense.

Virginia Hong.jpg

Virginia Hong

Virginia received her master and bachelor degrees in Economics. She assists in database management, analysis and preparing reports for various research projects as well as providing valuable administrative assistance to all ITRC research efforts. She ensures that our research efforts are communicated to the general public as well as oversees events and public engagement activities conducted by the Centre.

Janice Leong.jpg

Janice Leong

Janice received her master’s degree in Statistics and bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics (MORSE). She assists in data collection, database management and statistical analysis for ITRC research projects, and contributes to publication of high quality reports. She also provides administrative support to the Centre and assists with event organization.

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