How does tourism affect Macao residents’ quality-of-life?

How do visitors assess the quality of their visit to Macao?

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Conducted annually since 2003, the TCC study is Macao's tourism weather station and is the Centre’s primary research activity for evaluating and assessing the state of Macao's tourism development given its recent rapid growth. The study principally gauges Macao residents’ and visitors’ opinions regarding important experience factors affected by tourism. It also involves tourism service providers in assessing how much and how adequate capacity--in terms of hard and soft infrastructure--is coping with tourism demand.

The goal of the TCC study is neither to limit nor push tourism growth. Rather, it assesses which parts of Macao's tourism service system is facing stress as reflected by subjective and objective factors and to provide scenarios of optimum levels of tourism growth balanced on different priorities.


The TCC study produces a full report and executive summary  every year. However, copies of these reports can only be made by directly requesting the Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao SAR Government (SSAC), which commissions the TCC study. Occasionally, though, media and public briefings are held to share the results of the TCC study, upon the request of the Office of the SSAC . Available archived briefings can be downloaded via the button on the left.