What types of visitors come to Macao?

Which segment stays longer, spends more, and what activities do they engage in during their visit?

What distinguishes “gamers” from non-gamers?

Is Macao’s long term goal of diversifying its source markets working?

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The Macao Visitor Profile Survey (VPS) is conducted and reported quarterly. In addition, ITRC publishes occasional reports with a special focus. The VPS supplements general visitor data and information regularly provided by other government agencies such as the MGTO, the Census and Statistics service (DSEC). The VPS aims to:

  1. Provide greater detail and analysis of behavioral and psychological variables of visitors to Macao.
  2. Deliver more in-depth and relevant cross tabulated data analyses and presentation.
  3. Identify and analyze segments across different and multiple variables and track how different visitor segments evolve over time.
  4. Highlight occasional qualitative data that incorporates attitudinal and motivational data, among others.

Over the long run, the VPS aims to generate a sufficiently rich database to help evaluate the impact and effectiveness of destination management and marketing efforts employed by Macao as a whole or by individual tourism organizations (for example, event planners and individual hotels).