How satisfied are visitors with their experience?

Which services need serious improvement?

Which services help most in enhancing visitor satisfaction?

What do visitors think about Macao as a destination?

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The Macao Tourist Satisfaction Index (MTSI) is conducted and published quarterly. The MTSI measures visitors’ satisfaction across 10 tourism related sectors. This includes (a) hotels, (b) restaurants, (c) transportation, (d) heritage attractions, (e) non-heritage attractions, (f) retail shops, (g) public services (e.g. customs and immigration), (h) events, (i) tour operators and guides, and (j) gaming. An overall satisfaction index (or TSI) for the tourism industry in Macao is then estimated based on the sectoral results.

Essentially, the TSI tracks how well tourism services and organizations in Macao perform in satisfying visitors over time, identifying which sectors are weak or strong in performance. Information gathered from the MTSI is used to:

  1. Provide industry with a regular and updated assessment of the “health” and effectiveness of Macao's tourism and hospitality services in serving the need of its guests and visitors.

  2. Evaluate the performance of Macao's tourism and hospitality service sectors and identify possible areas for improvement.

  3. Provide a competitive benchmark for Macao's tourism and hospitality service sector relative to its past performance and other destinations (e.g. compared to Hong Kong).