We track tourism change and help shape Tourism policy.

Our major activities and projects lie in four broad areas: (1) Long term research tracking of tourism change,  (2) conducting policy research, (3) communicating and sharing know-how, and (4) undertaking targeted and knowledge-advancing research addressing issues of particular importance to our stakeholders.

Tracking studies

We monitor long term changes in tourism and its impacts.


Macao Tourism Carrying Capacity Study (TCC)

The TCC is Macao's tourism weather station. Conducted annually since 2003, the TCC assesses the state and sustainability of Macao's tourism development by gauging Macao residents’ and visitors’ opinions regarding several relevant factors.

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Macao Visitor Profile & Segments Survey (VPS)

Conducted and published quarterly and annually, the VPS supplements general visitor data and information by providing greater detail and analyses of segments across different and multiple variables and tracks segment profile changes over time.

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Macao Tourism Satisfaction Index (MTSI)

The MTSI measures visitors’ satisfaction in 10 key tourism related sectors and derives an overall satisfaction index. In essence, the TSI tracks how well tourism services perform in satisfying visitors. Reported quarterly and annually.

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Macao Human Resource Monitoring Survey (MHRM)

The MHRM project measures the job satisfaction levels, attitudes, opinions and working conditions of the labor force in various industries by studying its characteristics and behavior.

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Public policy research

We conduct studies that shape tourism policy, strategy, and destination management.


Since 2003, ITRC has been conducting studies that inform or influence policies and strategies on relevant issues, principally on tourism development in Macao and in the region. Most studies are commissioned by Macao SAR government agencies but the Centre also conducts policy studies on its own accord.  Below we list some of the policy studies we’ve conducted over the years. Email us to request abstracts or summaries of findings (if available).

Tourism and development

  • Visitor perceptions of Thailand as a tourism destination--lessons for Macao (2005)
  • Attitudes and opinions of Macao residents, tourists and participants regarding the 4th East Asian Games (2005)
  • A monitoring-based approach for determining effective tourism carrying capacity ranges for Macao (2004)
  • A comparative study of regional gaming destinations (2004)
  • Tourist satisfaction and image of Macao’s tourism services and products (2002)

Heritage and tourism

  • Expert and public opinion studies on the issue of the Blue House (2006)
  • A preliminary study of factors influencing congestion at popular World Heritage tourist attractions in Macao (2005)


Events, festivals, and the MICE industry

  • Survey of visitors’ and residents’ opinions regarding the Macao Grand Prix (2008)
  • A study of Macao residents’ opinions regarding e-sports (2007)
  • Macao residents’ and visitors’ opinions regarding the Macao Grand Prix (2004)

Labor and manpower issues

  • Manpower assessment and needs for Macao as a 24-hour tourism destination (2008)
  • Projected manpower needs of the hotel and gaming industries in Macao, 2006-09 (2006)
  • Projected manpower needs of the hotel and gaming industries in Macao, 2005-08 (2005)
  • A human resource development monitoring system for the hospitality industry of Macao (2002)

Communicating knowledge

We share and disseminate know-how via meetings, conferences,  workshops and  briefings.

International conferences

ITRC organizes or co-organizes conferences with different university partners worldwide. These conferences provide highly interactive fora and networking opportunity for experts from academia, industry and policy of various fields by gathering them to discuss their experiences and findings.

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Industry workshops, seminars, and briefings

We communicate and disseminate the findings of our study through workshops, seminars and briefings for the community and industry. We also invite renowned scholars to share and present their work to local scholars, students, and the broader community.

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Visiting scholars

IFT provides research grants, exchange, or short-term residence opportunities for overseas scholars to conduct research on Macao tourism. Visiting scholars collaborate with IFT researchers on a broad range of topics relevant to Macao tourism, gaming industry, event management, heritage, cultural and hotel management, etc.

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Research collaboration with industry and the community

Through consulting arrangements (outside practice), ITRC taps the rich and broad expertise of IFT's research community to help conduct tailored research or assit the needs of industry and community stakeholders.

Advancing knowledge and practice

We conduct innovative and meaningful research.

ITRC pursues special themed studies and targeted research addressing some of the most important challenges facing Macao's tourism industry. Many of these research projects are undertaken in collaboration with our international network of partners, partnering with scholars renowned for their expertise. Below are among our most notable projects, completed or ongoing, to date.

Making venues greener

Business meetings will not only dominate the tourism industry but the environment as well. This project develops an environmental management framework for events and conference venues. Conducted with the Center for Events & Sports Research, Bournemouth University, UK.

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Successful and effective franchising

Working with Oxford Brooks University in the UK, ITRC is conducting a two-year study on the prospects and challenges of building successful franchising partnerships in Macao, with the aim of empowering small to medium scale business and entrepreneurs to diversify and innovate.

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Editorial for a special issue of the IJEFM

Lecturers from IFT and Bournemouth University have co-written an editorial for the International Journal of Event and Festival Management in a special issue about events in Asia Pacific.

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Helping Macao SMEs thrive

A research collaboration between ITRC and Oxford Brookes University's School of Hospitality and Tourism (UK), this project investigated the relationship between successful implementations of business strategy and Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) growth.

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Developing and managing cultural festivals for tourism

A joint research project between ITRC and the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality (ICRETH) at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK aiming to understand the potential impact of festival and events in high tourist visitation destinations such as Macau.

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