Visiting scholars

IFT provides research grants, exchange, and residence opportunity for overseas scholars to conduct research in Macao, under its Residential Research Grants (RRG) Program. Visiting or RRG Scholars collaborate with IFT researchers on topics relevant to Macao tourism, gaming industry, event management, heritage, cultural and hotel management, among others. Below are a selection of the RRG's previous beneficiaries and briefs about their joint research activities with IFT.

Dr Edmund Wu, Sun Yat-sen University, China

RRG Scholar in residence at IFT June-August 2013


Dr. Wu was in residence from June until August 2013. The research which he undertook with ITRC colleagues Ms. Joey Sou and Ms. Wendy Tang was entitled "Independent Component Analysis - Seasonal Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ICA-SARIMA) Models for Tourist Arrival Forecasting in Macao". During his residence Dr. Wu had held two seminars related to his research at IFT namely the "Models for Tourist Arrival Forecasting in Macao" and the “Time Series and Multivariate Regression Modeling Techniques for Tourism Demanding Forecasting”. Dr. Wu is Lecturer in Information Systems and Business Statistics at the School of Tourism Management at Sun Yat-sen University, China, and holds a Phd in Financial Statistics and MPhil in Mathematics and Data Mining from the University of Hong Kong. He was previously a Postdoctoral Fellow at the SHTM, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Dr Moon Fai Chan

National University of Singapore

RRG Scholar in residence at IFT November-December 2013


Dr. Moon Fai Chan was in residence from November to December 2013 and worked together with IFT's Dr. Anthony Wong on a project entitled  “Examining institutional students’ attitudes towards, perceived benefits, and supports of casino gaming development in Macao and Singapore”. During his residence, Dr. Chan delivered a guest lecture on Quantitative Analysis to IFT students as well as a public seminar about the implications of his research. Dr. Moon Fai CHAN is Associate Professor from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine of the National University of Singapore. A dedicated educator with nearly 13 years of experience in statistics and research methods, much of his work focused on statistical modeling, health education and organizational management.