ITRC-IFT and Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) begin joint study on impacts of cultural festivals

ITRC-IFT has embarked on a joint research project with the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality (ICRETH) at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

Titled The impact of cultural festivals on attaining community and societal objectives in highly touristified urban destinations – a Macau case study, the project aims to further understand the potential of festivals and events in achieving social goals especially in the context of high tourist visitation destinations such as Macau. The proposed research will contribute two major aspects to the study of events and its impact on tourism and community issues in Macau. First, the study creates a tool to assess the extent of attitudinal changes among Macau residents and visitors that result after attending a cultural event. Second, the study sheds light on how this change takes place and the underlying reasons. The project has strong academic and policy implications as it underscores the importance of protecting the intangible heritage of Macau. Besides, the research also informs policymakers the opportunities of meeting social goals that are brought forth by festivals and events.

ICRETH is one of the leading and most recognised research institutes in event management. Dr. Emma Wood is Reader in festival and events marketing. She has extensive experience in marketing and impacts of events. She is currently the Chair of the Event Marketing SIG in the Academy of Marketing. Dr. Wood will be working with Mr. Ubaldino Couto, Lecturer in Events, IFT, who will lead this joint research undertaking with ICRETH on behalf of ITRC. Enquiries can be directed to