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日期 Date: 2018/04/20

時間 Time: 14:30-17:30

地點 Venue: 旅遊學院 IFT, Macao SAR





主辦單位 Organisers:








關於論壇 ABOUT The Forum




        為 推動及參與"一帶一路"的建設,旅遊學院旅遊業研究暨科研中心與南開大學旅遊與服務學院於2018年4月20日在澳門合辦 "一帶一路"對全球旅遊業的長遠啟示論壇,邀請學者及專家出席上述論壇,就下列擬定的議題作探討和互相交流:

  • "一帶一路"將如何及為哪些地區帶動旅遊、景點、交通運輸的基礎設置的投資及發展?這重大的發展戰略將為全球旅遊及款客業的興盛帶來甚麼機遇及風險?
  • 在旅遊流動性、簽證限制、社會文化衝擊及沿線國家和地區之間的開放性的方面或將面臨甚麼挑戰?
  • 全球旅遊及款客業的參與者及推進國家旅遊業發展的負責人該如何準備迎接"一帶一路"帶來的前景?
  • "一帶一路"對旅遊及款客業的人力流動、技術、教育及培訓意味著甚麼影響及挑戰?



         The "Belt and Road Initiative" was proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013 and was promulgated by the Central Government in 2015 as an important foreign development strategy covering more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and the African continent with the goal of promoting closer cooperation among these countries. Strengthening the cooperation in regional tourism, expanding the development of tourism routes such as tourism routes, scale and products are one of the key areas of " Belt and Road cooperation.


          In order to promote and participate in the "Belt and Road Initiative", the IFT Tourism Research Centre and College of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University, China jointly organise the “China’s Belt and Road Initiative - Long-term Implications for Global Travel and Tourism Forum” on 20 April, 2018 in Macao SAR. Scholars and experts will be invited to discuss and exchange ideas of the following themes:

  • What investments and developments in travel, transport, and attractions infrastructure would be spurred by the Initiative and where? What opportunities and risks does this massive bring for global tourism and hospitality to flourish?
  • What are the challenges that the Initiative may face in terms of travel mobility, visa restrictions, social-cultural impacts, and openness between countries along the Belt and Road?
  • For actors in global hospitality and the travel trade and those involved in national tourism promotion and development, what preparations are needed to capitalize on the prospects brought by the Initiative?
  • What are the implications and challenges for tourism & hospitality manpower mobility, skills, training and education?

專題演講 invited speakers