Public seminar "Is there a crisis in research?" by Prof. Chris Ryan

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Prof. Chris Ryan will be holding the public seminar “Is there a crisis in research?” on 21st May 2019 at IFT. The seminar will be conducted in English only.

If you are interested, you may register in the form below for free by 15th May 2019.

Date: Tuesday, 21st May 2019

Date: 3:00PM –4:30PM

Venue: Auditorium, Team Building, Mong-Ha Campus, IFT, Macao, China

Moderator: Dr. Cora Wong, Assistant Professor of IFT

Professor Chris Ryan     University of Waikato,     New Zealand

Professor Chris Ryan

University of Waikato,

New Zealand

About the speaker

Professor Chris Ryan undertakes research in the field of tourism, and has developed research interests in China in the last two decades, including contractual work with Chinese partners such as Beijing Union University and others. He has also undertaken reports for the United Nations World Tourism Organization in China, is editor of Tourism Management, and at the time of writing has a h-index of 64 according to Google Scholar.

His research interests include tourist behaviours and the consequences of those behaviours in terms of impacts - social, psychological and environmental; and the business organisations that shape those tourist experiences.

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