IFT, SYS and HKPU organised the GBA Collaborative Tourism Research Forum


On 8 May, Macao’s Institute for Tourism Studies’ Tourism Research Centre (ITRC), the School of Tourism Management, Sun Yat-Sen University (SYS), and the School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU) jointly organised The Greater Bay Area Collaborative Tourism Research Forum. The Forum was unique because of its working and interactive

format with the audience, which was designed for the purpose of defining a collaborative research agenda for tourism stakeholders in the Greater Bay Area. The Forum provided an opportunity for hospitality and tourism policymakers, industry executives, and researchers in the Greater Bay Area to discuss, identify and prioritise future joint research needed to address the myriad challenges and opportunities regarding the long-term tourism development of the Greater Bay Area.  


The Forum was comprised of two sessions. The first consisted of short statements delivered by the three Co-Chairs of the Forum, wherein they broadly outlined some key issues, trends, developments, and rationales for cooperation. The Co-Chairs of the Forum included Professor Jigang Bao, Dean of the School of Tourism and Management, Sun Yat-Sen University, Professor Haiyan Song, Associate Dean and Chair Professor of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic, and Dr. Fanny Vong, President of IFT.


The second session consisted of participants being broken down into several smaller groups during which they held intense and interactive discussions and shared their opinions as to what issues, problems, and challenges were most pressing and important for research to address.


A total of 110 participants registered for the event, including representatives from HKP, SYS, and IFT, as well as other higher educational institutions in the GBA. Other participants included community members from across the GBA policy-makers, government officials, industry executives, and members of various community interest groups, think-tanks and private associations.

The event photos have been uploaded to the Forum's webpage, please feel free to view and download. 


5月8日,旅遊學院旅遊業研究暨科研中心與中山大學旅遊學院及香港理工大學酒店及旅遊業管理學院合辦大灣區旅遊研究合作論壇。是次論壇的獨特之處在於其與參與者的工作性和互動性,來為大灣區旅遊利益相關者合作研究制定研究議程。 論壇為大灣區的酒店和旅遊政策制定者合作研究、行業主管和研究人員提供了一個很好的機會去探討大灣區在長期旅遊發展中面臨的挑戰和機遇,並辨識未來聯合旅遊研究優先課題的議程。


是次論壇有兩個部分,首先是由論壇的三位聯席主持發表簡述,他們廣泛地概述了一些關鍵問題、趨勢、發展和合作原因。 論壇聯席主持包括中山大學旅遊學院院長保繼剛教授、香港理工大學酒店及旅遊業管理學院副院長及講座教授宋海岩教授及旅遊學院院長黃竹君博士。