Industry briefing regarding MHRM project to be held

An industry briefing session on The Macao HR Monitor Survey will be held on Wednesday, 5th November 2014, from 5:00 to 6:30pm at the Pousada de Mong-ha Conference Room, IFT Main Campus.


The research team behind the Macao HR Monitor Project will brief attendees regarding the purpose and nature of the research project and the most recent results of the projects’ findings. The briefing also provides an opportunity for the project team to interact with industry stakeholders and to share ideas toward making the project more meaningful.


The Macao HR Monitor Survey (MHRM) is a long-term research undertaking of IFT’s Tourism Research Centre (ITRC) to monitor the sentiments and views of workers regarding management, their organization, and their work-life conditions. The surveys regularly measures job satisfaction levels, attitudes, and opinions of Macao’s general labor force, with particular focus on those working in the hospitality, gaming and tourism industry. The long-term project aims to provide policy planners, management executives in the public and private sectors as well as employees with up-to-date and insightful information regarding human resource and work-related issues and how these change over time. The study supplements regular HR-related statistics provided by the Macao Census and Statistics Department (DSEC). By providing a long-term regular source of reference and information on HR issues and opinions at the industry-level, the impact and effectiveness of human resource management practices and policies can be evaluated and improved.



Methodology behind the MHRM Project

By Patrick Lo

In this briefing, Mr. Lo will briefly describe the methodology behind the MHRM survey process (who, where, and when we survey) and how we ensure that the data collected is accurate and best reflects the opinions of the target population of the study. 


An overview of job satisfaction in Macao, 2012-13

By Leonardo (Don) Dioko & Wendy Tang

In this briefing, results gathered from the MHRM project in 2013 will be announced and compared with those in 2012. The briefing will cover job satisfaction, work stress, perceived fairness of compensation and benefits, as well as workers’ intent-to-stay. Brief comments on trends and developments based on the data will also be made.


Why employees quit their jobs: Examining the underlying causes of work stress 

By Louis Vong & Wendy Tang

This brief will discuss the effect of work-family conflict on job stress and employees’ intent to stay among tourism and hospitality workers in Macao. Using data from the Macao HR Monitor survey, analysis reveals that once an intervention took place, employees’ job stress ceases to exert direct influence on their turnover intention. This suggests that work-family conflict is an underlying cause discouraging stressful employees to remain with their employer. 


Why employees stay in their organization: The effects of organizational climate on occupational stress and workers’ intentions to stay

By Henrique Ngan

This briefing will discuss the relationship between occupational stress and employees’ intention to stay in their organization, and how such relationship is impacted upon by organizational climate.  Analysis of data from the Macao HR Monitor survey reveals that employees with high levels of occupational stress and working in a low organizational climate are less likely to stay in their organization. The briefing will then discuss strategies how organizations in Macao should enhance their organizational climate and provide measures to lower job stress in order to keep their staff from leaving.


Q&A Session




  • Patrick Lo is Lecturer in Statistics at IFT and a core Research Staff member of ITRC. He oversees the data collection and quality of all major survey projects of ITRC.

  • Leonardo (Don) Dioko is Professor at IFT and Director of ITRC.

  • Wendy Tang is a core Research Staff member of ITRC.

  • Louis Vong is Assistant Professor teaching Special Topics in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior at IFT.

  • Henrique Ngan is Lecturer and teaches Human Resource Management courses at IFT.

  • Virginia Hong is a core Research Staff member of ITRC.


The briefing will be conducted in English. Limited places available. The briefing is free of charge but registration is required to confirm attendance and is limited to a maximum of 2 participants per organization. Registration is on a first-come-first serve basis and can be made here:

Deadline for reserving places is 30 October 2014. For inquiries, please email Ms. Virginia Hong at or call 8506-1253.  For any enquiry, please contact ITRC's Research Assistant, Ms. Virginia Hong (Tel: 85061253 or email