The “Industry Briefing Session on Macao Human Resource Monitoring Survey” attracted more than 30 industry colleagues



During the Briefing, the Director of ITRC, Professor Don Dioko introduced the fiedlwork and survey methodology of the  Macao Human Resource Monitoring Survey (MHRM). Results gathered in 2013 were announced and compared with those in 2012.

Dr. Louis Vong, by using the MHRM data, revealed that once an intervention took place, employees' job stress cease to exert direct influence on their turnover intention, which suggests that work-family conflict is the underlying cause of discouraging stressful employees to remain in their jobs. 


Mr. Henrique Ngan, analysed from the MHRM data and revealed that employees with high levels of occupational stress and working in a low organisational climate are less likely to stay with their employer. He also discussed strategies of how organisations in Macao should enhance their organisational climate and provide measure to lower job stress in order to keep their staff from leaving.

The Briefing has attracted more than 30 industry colleagues to participate.