IFT hosts the 7th International Conference on Services Management

IFT is hosted The 7th International Conference on Services Management (ICSM-7) from 10 to 12 December 2014 with co-organisers Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Oxford Brookes University, UK, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA, and the Institute for International Management and Technology (IIMT), India. Previously, the ICSM has been held in Oxford, UK, New Delhi, India, Pennsylvania, USA, and Cyprus.  


During the opening session of the Conference, Prof. Levent Altinay from the Oxford Brookes University and Prof. Leonardo (Don) A. N. Dioko from IFT Tourism Research Centre (ITRC)welcomed all the participants as the Co-Chair and Convenor, respectively, of the Conference.


Knowing the critical significance of service and its effective planning, delivery, management and marketing in the world’s economy and also the city of Macao as one of the world’s fastest growing tourism destination, the ICSM-7, themed Managing and Delivering Services in the Asian Century, gathered managers from the world’s service management industry, service marketing and management scholars, researchers, educators and trainers to discuss and share research and ideas on the dramatic change of Asian consumers’ service demand and fundamentals of services capes given by their vibrant economies. Keynote speakers included Mr. Po Chung, Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership and Management (HKI-SLAM), Hong Kong, Prof. Charles Martin of Wichita State University, US, Prof. Noel Scott from Griffith University, Australia, Dr. Richard Teare of the Global University of Lifelong Learning as well as Prof. Dianne Welsh of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Besides, a cultural session was held on the last day of the conference series for the conference participants to join. Executive Assistant Manager of Food and Beverage of IFT David Wong demonstrated the special ingredients and techniques of Macanese cuisine, to enable participants to experience the culture of Macao.


Founded in March 2005, the ICSM conferences series has become one of the prominent platforms for both academics and practitioners from worldwide to transfer knowledge in the area of services management. It has attracted a growing and very loyal following among its regular participants, which includes scholars, postgraduate students as well as industry practitioners in services management.